Shape​-​Shifting Enemy

by Howling

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From the upcoming EP (or mini-album, if you will) "Tear the Screams from Your Throat" due out October 2013


Lyrics: Vanessa Nocera
(Inspired by the 1981 film John Carpenter's The Thing)

Terror is among you in the freezing winds
Is he who sits beside you one of your friends?
Where can you escape? The ice cold is a prison
Unexplained deaths have no reason
Who can you trust when the face is the same
The shape-shifting enemy knows no names
An alien life-form came to possess them
Infect and kill them in a winter grim

On these frozen lands
Man is the warmest place to hide
From a charred autopsy
Answers they cannot find
Hunting for its origins
An endless task
It takes on any form
It wears many masks

A man from your crew, laying on the slab
A chest defibrillation, eating your hands
Drawing blood from the ones you once knew
Testing who is left from the surviving few
Are we human? Are we the thing?
An imitation of another living being?
It came from the ice, and the Norwegians tried to warn
It crawls inside you to keep itself warm

Man is the warmest place to hide
In your friends, you can no longer confide
It needs a body to rest inside
You may be next in which it wants to reside!

A cold possession
It needs to survive
Taking over man
To stay alive


released July 25, 2013
Tony Proffer: Guitar and Bass
Vanessa Nocera: Vocals
Elektrokutioner: Drums



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Howling Henderson, Kentucky

Howling is a whirlwind of loud, fast, and thrashing heavy fucking METAL, with an emphasis on extremely catchy headbanging riffs meant to summon forth the powers of darkness!

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